How to Change the World in Three Simple Steps

My First Bitcoin is built around a core concept: that independent, impartial, community-led Bitcoin education will change the world.

 This isn’t about Bitcoin, but rather what Bitcoin will teach us: critical thought, personal responsibility and ultimately self-sovereignty. It teaches us to lower our time preference and look further into the future—and that changes everything. When we have control over our lives and future, it encourages us to build and plan.

Bitcoin allows us to define our destiny.

Our highest-level strategy has three prongs:


First; create an example in El Salvador that demonstrates and documents Bitcoin education as a tool for empowerment at mass scale [Mi Primer Bitcoin—El Salvador]

As the first nation to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, El Salvador will be an example for the world—we get to decide what sort of example that will be.

When used correctly Bitcoin is a tool that empowers individuals to make their own decisions and as educators introducing new people to the space it is extremely important that we never dictate to students but rather allow them to come to their own conclusions. In many ways this is the path of most-resistance, but it is also a cornerstone value.

Cooption[1] is our enemy, and we will have to constantly confront it.

Fiercely resisting outside influence—from sponsors, governments or anyone else—will be difficult. It will mean that we will decline some opportunities, which is why the communities we serve will deeply value those that do understand and support the mission.

Even while we grow, we must always strive for quality. In fact, quality is MORE important than quantity. This means we need to always iterate and improve upon our offerings as well as always strive to improve ourselves. We need to be self-critical. We also need to forge new ground, which is difficult but necessary.

This first prong is the most important; it is what the next two are built upon.

El Salvador is the example.


Second; create a toolkit to make that example easy to copy by open-sourcing everything & creating easy, international communication channels  [node network]

El Salvador is the focus, but the mission is the world.

This has never been done before.

Bitcoin can be humanity’s first revolution. In every previous ‘revolution’ we have fought over who has power, we now have a chance to change our very relationship with power.

As we grow, we will make a lot of mistakes and learn a lot of lessons. We operate on a Bitcoin standard in a fiat world. We must build new systems and trailblaze new paths.

When we open-source[2] everything—not just educational materials but things like accounting, media, communication and even how we make decisions internally—then it will be much easier for anyone, anywhere to copy or iterate upon our template.

While we seek to create new systems and open-source everything, we are also building out a global decentralized communication layer—a network of nodes. Each node agrees to a basic core consensus about Bitcoin education—that it must be: independent; impartial; community-led, high-quality; Bitcoin-only; and teach empowerment.

The communication needs to be multi-directional. El Salvador is the genesis block[3] but all of the nodes in the global decentralized network must be able to easily and independently communicate with each other to share their own best practices and lessons learned. This will dramatically speed up the timeline and increase the quality.

The network will have nodes in 21 nations by the end of this year.

This is a serious attempt to replace the existing order and making the status quo irrelevant. There will be resistance.

Diffusing the core ideas in a way that is efficient, decentralized and international will make it extremely resilient. Once something becomes unstoppable, it becomes inevitable.

We are building an unstoppable machine.


Third; create a common banner under which diverse interests can align–we don’t have to agree on other things, but independent, impartial, community-led bitcoin education is something for all to rally behind. A rising tide raises all boats. [advisory board]

By focusing solely on independent, impartial, community-led education, and doing so with complete transparency, we can create a common ground that everyone can support.

People come at Bitcoin from diverse perspectives, but, like Bitcoin itself, we want to encourage collaboration over competition.

There are lots of other great projects doing wonderful things but because our geographic vision is so broad (the world) we need to maintain a narrow focus on what we do. If it’s not Bitcoin education, then we will leave the task to others.

This common ground, that is difficult to oppose and easy to unite behind, manifests itself by creating an advisory board of all the diverse industry leaders and creating a common table. This will also lend legitimacy, which will allow the network to grow even faster. This will incentivize industry leaders to be involved and create a positive feedback loop.

This common ground will manifest itself in the physical world at an annual charity Gala in El Salvador, which won’t just serve as a fundraiser but also to entrench that vision and give it physical space.


[1] the act or process of being assimilated or taken over by a larger or more established group.

[2] Open source promotes universal access via an open-source or free license to a product’s design or blueprint, and universal redistribution of that design or blueprint.

[3] The Genesis Block, also known as Block 0, is the first block of the Bitcoin blockchain, created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. It serves as the foundation for Bitcoin’s trading system and acts as a prototype for other blocks in the blockchain.

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