Our Team

John Dennehy

John Dennehy

Founder, Executive Director

was born in New York and became an activist in the wake of September 11th. While in jail after protesting the Iraq War, he decided to leave the country and moved to Ecuador in 2005. He is a best-selling author, award-winning journalist and has written about Bitcoin in Latin America for places such as the Guardian, Al-Jazeera, and the BBC. He moved to El Salvador in August of 2021 to found My First Bitcoin. In a world at the crossroads, he sees Bitcoin as humanity’s best chance to build something better. His first child was born in San Salvador in 2023.

Adam Nili

Chief Operating Officer

is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. Adam brings his diverse background in start-ups, education, finance, international relations, and healthcare to Mi Primer Bitcoin. Adam is a Rotarian, with active global initiatives in healthcare and financial literacy. Adam believes that bitcoin is the single most important technological innovation of our time and the ultimate tool for self-sovereignty

Hector Alvero

Head of Curriculum - Bitcoin for Business

is a Bitcoin educator with more than 15 years of experience in higher education as a professor, trainer, and business leader. He holds a Master of Information Technology degree from Capella University and serves as host of the Broward County Bitcoiners meetup. When he isn’t helping people learn how to improve their lives through Bitcoin, he’s playing and teaching pickleball around the courts of South Florida.

Dax Sosa

IT Specialist

is a web developer, amateur hacker, and a former professional music producer. He started mining in 2012, and ran one of El Salvador’s first lightning nodes. Dax is on a mission to spread Bitcoin adoption throughout his country. He teaches some of Mi Primer Bitcoin's more technical classes on Bitcoin Mining, the Lightning Network, and Node setup and management.

Jonathan Yagoobian

IT Manager

father, IT professional in US education institutions, entrepreneur, and educator. Growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, he witnessed firsthand the decline and subsequent resurgence of a large population, drawing clear parallels to the current transformation in El Salvador. Deeply committed to teaching about technology and Bitcoin, he sees MPB and El Salvador as the perfect platforms to share his expertise with the world.

Quentin Ehrenman

International Relations Supervisor

is a French Bitcoiner that left Europe in 2022 and now lives in El Salvador. He worked on developing a Bitcoin circular economy in a remote island of El Salvador and is now in charge of Mi Primer Bitcoin's International Expansion.

Arnold Hubach

Social Media

is a bitcoin educator and digital nomad who has been involved in the bitcoin space since 2016. As a copywriter, journalist and traveler, he visited El Salvador in August 2021, just before bitcoin legal tender, where was experienced very first beginning of MyFirstBitcoin. Arnold, who graduated as a product designer, has worked in a lot of different fields in the bitcoin space, varying from making documentary's, translating books, making a bitcoin board game and building online community's. As a renown bitcoin traveler, he has special attention for circular economies, education and empowerment – all of them pushing for global bitcoin adoption

Reyna Chicas

Vice Director of Adoption and Relations

born and raised in El Salvador, Reyna discovered Bitcoin in late 2020 and with her brother's help she started educating herself. She then joined MPB in late 2022 and became the first international teacher from Mi Primer Bitcoin and went to teach in Guatemala in 2023. In her own words, she's found a purpose and is now committed to helping make the world a better place by using Bitcoin education as a tool in her home country and collaborating with the mission of expanding it to the rest of the world.

Roberto Magaña

Operations Coordinator

a civil engineer, educator, financial market enthusiast, and operations specialist. He relocated from his hometown of Monterrey Mexico to El Salvador after a trip where he met the Mi Primer Bitcoin team in September 2022. During his time at Mi Primer Bitcoin, he has taught multiple in-person classes and made contributions to the Bitcoin Diploma curriculum. Roberto is on a mission to empower individuals around the world with the knowledge they need to become financially sovereign.

Napoleón Osorio


is interested in the banking area and entrepreneurship, he is passionate about freedom in all its aspects. In October 2020 he discovered, at Bitcoin Beach, a new way to have economic and financial independence through cryptocurrencies. This motivates him to investigate, learn and teach about this new freedom and decentralized economic model.

Emilio Rivas

Domestic Event Planner

from La Paz, El Salvador. He holds a degree in marketing and has a strong background in event planning and communications. Emilio started volunteering for Mi Primer Bitcoin in 2021 at one of the first Meetup events in El Salvador and now runs the official monthly Meetups and other special events for the organization. Additionally, he assists new businesses in El Salvador understand how to use bitcoin as a payment system. Emilio believes that bitcoin is hope, and the ultimate tool for financial and individual freedom.

Alejandro Galán

National Director of Adoption and Relations

he was born and lives in the city of San Miguel, El Salvador. His greatest passion is his work as a coffee grower and producer of avocados among other products. He was introduced to the world of Bitcoin in 2017. As a student of the private investor academy, he has extensive knowledge in investment, and firmly believes that education is what will change the course of society in his country.

Daniel Viana


is from Ataco, El Salvador. Daniel started his journey with My First Bitcoin as an exceptional student in 2022. He enjoys teaching fellow Salvadorians about Bitcoin. Daniel believes in a bright future and teaches his students to work toward their dreams.

Luis Contreras


father of two wonderful children and a husband to a beautiful wife who supports me unconditionally in every dream I pursue. Bitcoin was, for me, like talking about scams and gambling. I took the classes with the intention of gathering more information to continue to criticize Bitcoin but I ended up falling in love with it and its history and soon after I became a teacher at My First Bitcoin. I can say that from the day I became part of the diploma program, my life took a wonderful turn.

Gerardo Moran


originally from Concepción de Ataco, finished his high school studies in 2022. He is one of our youngest members who used to work in construction during school holidays and also as a tourist guide in Ataco. In February 2023 he started working with My First Bitcoin: "Now I dedicate myself to teaching the wonderful world of Bitcoin.

Daniel Babaev

Core Contributor

a pleb who yearns for truth through knowledge. Was born in Israel to parents escaping the collapse of the USSR. In his late teens, due to constant conflict in the middle East, he immigrated to North America. Ever since his first fiat job and paycheck, he wondered what he should do with that money. Invest? Save? Spend? Years have passed with no results, until he heard about Bitcoin in 2017 but dismissed it as he heard that it will end up like the Tulip mania or Beanie babies. While still looking for answers, in the beginning of 2021, a coworker mentioned Bitcoin as an investment and since then dove to the rabbit hole. After 2 years of a deep dive into the Bitcoin ethos, he decided to volunteer and help the Bitcoin community by translating SeedSigner to Russian and Hebrew. While the translation came to a halt, Kieth Mukai (a programmer of SeedSigner) suggested to volunteer and help translating MPB into different languages on X/Twitter in 2023. He reached out to MPB and they accepted him with open arms due to his ability to show proof-of-work.

Steve Bean

Fundraising and Grant Writing Advisor

by age 15, Steve couldn’t shake the feeling that the world didn’t make sense - that societies should operate from compassion and equity. From then on, Steve dedicated himself to education, nonprofits and social innovation. Over the past 40 years, Steve has been an activist, a teacher, a mentor, a communitarian, a non-profit executive and a social entrepreneur, and he’s currently consulting to nonprofits, helping them divest themselves from corporatization and magnify their impact. Steve wants to find paths to the deep adaptation we need to cope with the climate crisis. When he grows up, Steve wants to be a regenerative farmer, and a revolutionary, and he wonders if Bitcoin just might be the revolution he’s been looking for...

Scott Lindberg


Scott is a freedom-loving husband, father, entrepreneur, author, and game designer. He is a proponent of taking self-custody of education, money and speech. He and his wife, Tali, co-founded Free Market Kids. Their passion is to give the next generation the knowledge and tools to maximize their chances for freedom, success and happiness. Scott also actively helps Bitcoin veterans, including Operation Bitcoin.