Are you ready for our Gala and Charity Auction?

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Last year we held our first ever charity dinner & auction at @elxolomaiz in San Salvador.

It was a wild success.

We are doing it again on April 2.

@maxkeiser & @stacyherbert will host the auction again–Max is about the best auctioneer in the world.

Last year we auctioned items from @JeffBooth, @Bitcoinbeach, @saifedean & more.

We will have many repeat contributors this year, plus new items from @jack, @LinaSeiche & more.

The 5-course tasting menu at El Salvador’s best restaurant will be limited to 44 guests–which will include Bitcoin leaders from El Salvador & beyond. Last year included govt ministers, Bitcoin CEO’s and shadowy super coders

We will show video of that mornings Bitcoin Diploma graduation (all are welcome to attend and participate), talk about our ambitious plans for 2024, and raise money to help make those dreams a reality.

Support independent, impartial, community-led Bitcoin education & help us reimagine what’s possible.

This is event is sold out! If you would like to put on the waiting list in case more seats open up please email [email protected] and if you have any questions about the morning graduation you may reach out to @jrivasbtc