Mi Primer Bitcoin

Get Involved



We are always looking for quality Bitcoin educators to teach our intro 90-minute classes anywhere in the world. We have materials and are building a network that may assist with the recruitment of students but much of the organizing will be up to you. We pay in Bitcoin, though the very first class will be unpaid. We also have internal classes for our teachers. These are more advanced classes and will not be open to the public. Our first class like this was an advanced class on how Lightening works but we are open to anything that will further our teachers Bitcoin knowledge.

Other Areas


Social Media / We have someone in charge of that in El Salvador already but as we grow this will become a bigger task.


Whether it’s for the website or flyers advertising classes or anything else, we are looking for someone to help us improve our design.


We began by teaching groups of individuals and will always do that but are looking to expand our classes. If you manage a business–any size–and want to host a class for your employees, send us a message.


You tell us how you can help. Have an idea to share? A connection to make? A skill to lend? Let us know.