About us

We are an international Bitcoin education project, with a focus on El Salvador.

Most classes at MyFirstBitcoin require zero advanced knowledge and are based around using the technology and personally connecting students to what it can do. The core idea is to make it as easy as possible for students to take their first step. We also offer limited, more advanced technical classes.
Our mission is global but the focus is on El Salvador because on September 7th, 2021 it became the first country in the world to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender.
We had our first class in San Salvador on Sept 24th.
Plaza Libertad San Salvador

We are growing quickly with a western Headquarters in San Salvador and an Eastern Headquarters in San Miguel. We have classes in 11 of El Salvador’s 14 departments with the goal to have some presence in the remaining departments in the coming months. We run a 10-week diploma program out of two public high schools with significant expansion plans for the next year.

We host monthly meet-ups in San Salvador & San Miguel.

¿How does it work?

We begin each free 90-minute class by sending a small amount of sats to each student’s wallet so they can practice sending and receiving while the teachers explain broad concepts; they keep this bonus.
We also pay all our expenses, including our growing network of local teachers in Bitcoin. Besides education, we aim to help create a circular economy and a thriving Bitcoin community here.

Philosophy and Mission

Our mission is to teach a nation quality, impartial Bitcoin education as quickly as possible. We are a non-profit and are fiercely independent. We think it’s important that students know that our only motivation is education. We do not endorse any product, nor do we involve ourselves in political debate. We believe Bitcoin is for everyone and our only focus is educating individuals so that they can make their own decisions.
As the first nation to adopt Bitcoin, El Salvador will be an example to the world. We get to decide what sort of example that is, and we believe that quality, impartial education will be the foundation of ensuring it is a positive one.
We hope to create our own example and an easily copied template to educate a nation.

First El Salvador, then the world.